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Remembrance Day Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following St. James students who won this years’ Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Poster Contest. A celebration will be held at a later date where awards will be presented.

Primary Colour

 1st Place Evie Tsarouhas

Primary Black & White

 1st Place Kearra McEllistrum
 2nd Place Cassandra Del Mundo
 3rd Place Mary Anne Babcock



SF Police Service & Jack FM – Letters to Santa

The Smiths Falls Police Service along with 92.3 JACK FM are sponsoring the 5th Annual “Letters to Santa” Campaign.

This is a campaign to encourage children to drop off their Letters to Santa at the Smiths Falls Police Station located at 7 Hershey Drive in Smiths Falls. There is an old fashion large Red Mailbox located in the front lobby where children can walk in and drop off their letters.

The campaign is open to all children that know Santa really exists. The letters should be legible and easy to read as they will be read live on the radio on 92.3 JACK FM.

Here is how it works:

The child will either drop off the letters at the Smiths Falls Police Service or they can email them to Please include “Letter to Santa” in the Subject line if you email the Letter to Santa and a return address as Santa will be mailing letters back to the children!

Letters can be emailed or dropped off any time up until Wednesday December 20, 2017.

Thanks to all participants!

How Long Should My Child Stay At Home When Ill?

We often have parents contacting us in regards to our illness policies. This is the document we use and is produced by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

 Chickenpox For mild illness (low fever, less than 30 spots) – no exclusion as long as your child is well enough to participate normally in all activities; for moderate to severe illness (fever over 38.5C and/or many new sports ) – until 5 days after onset of rash
 Diarrhea Until 24 hours after stools are formed. This may vary depending on cause of illness and the way the disease is spread
 Fifth’s disease “Slapped Cheek” Until your child is feeling well enough to participate normally in all activities (no need to stay away from others). Exclusion is not required because no longer contagious once rash appears.
 Hand/Foot/Mouth Disease Until your child is feeling well enough to participate normally in all activities. Those with mouth sores or oozing lesions should stay away from others.
 Impetigo Until the antibiotic prescribed by a doctor has been taken for at least 24hours or until sores are completely scabbed over.
 Measles For at least 4 days after the rash appears
 Pink-Eye Until the antibiotic prescribed by a doctor has been taken for at least 24 hours
 Rubella (German Measles) Until at least seven days after the rash first appears
 Strep throat Until the antibiotic prescribed by a doctor has been taken for at least 24 hours
Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Until antibiotic treatment has been taken for at least 5 days. If no treatment is given, wait three weeks from onset of illness .

Keep your child home and away from others if he or she has any of these symptoms:

* Fever
 * Diarrhea
 * Rash
 * Vomiting
 * Frequent Coughing or Sneezing
 * Yellow or Green Discharge from the nose, ears or eyes
 * Sore Throat
 Contact your family doctor for diagnosis. He or she will advise you about care and treatment if a communicable disease is diagnosed .

For more information, please call 613-933-1375 or 1-800-267-7120.

Las Posada Pillowcases

Each year in lieu of staff presents, we ask parents to donate new items for our Las Posada Bags. Last year with your generosity, we were able to handout 20 bags that held an assortment of new gifts for some of our families and we would love to match or exceed that total for this year.  Some easy donation ideas are: gift cards, small toys, books, puzzles, items for grown-ups, waterproof mitts, chocolate treats… the possibilities are endless and will ensure that all of our families have a wonderful Christmas. Your gifts of heart, hand and money are definitely appreciated and something we should be very proud of as a school community.

St. James’ Advent Kindness Calendar

This year we are encouraging our students and families do follow the “Kindness Calendar” that has been created. These are some simple ideas that can easily be done to help spread the true meaning of Christmas.

All families will be getting a copy but here’s another one in case one gets misplaced or if you feel like sharing it with other members of your families. You can also click here for a digital copy

Christmas Concert Information Released

Here is the schedule for our Christmas Concerts.

Monday, December 18th – St. John HS Band will be performing in our gymnasium at 1:00 pm

Tuesday, December 19th – Beginning at 1pm in the Gymnasium

 Grade 1/2 Immersion (Mme. Jordan’s AM Class & Mrs. Statton’s PM Class)
 Ms. Garvin/Mrs. Jordan’s Kindergarten Class
 Mr. Smith/Mrs. Sprague’s Kindergarten Class

Wednesday, December 20th

 Mrs. Tait-Angel’s Class will be inviting parents in the morning to their classroom for a special presentation and gift for a loved one (time TBD)

The following performances will take place in the Gymnasium beginning at 1pm

Grade 1 Immersion (Mrs. Stratton’s AM Class & Mme. Jordan’s PM Class)
 Grade 3 Immersion (Mrs. Mousseau & Mme. Parent’s Class)
 Mrs. Seward’s Kindergarten Class

Thursday, December 21st – Beginning at 1pm in the Gymnasium

Mrs. Diotte’s Class
 Mrs. Cyr & Mrs. McParland’s Kindergarten Class
 Grade 2 Immersion (Mme. Carroll & Mrs. Ryan’s Class)

Friday, December 22nd – Las Posada at 2:00pm. Everyone Welcome!

Christmas Craft Club

Once again this year, Mrs. Cyr & Mrs. Kinch will be offering “Christmas Craft Club” for students in Grades 1, 2 and 3. Permission forms will be sent home this week and we are asking that they are returned by November 23rd.

There will be four date options for you to indicate which date works best for your family. The same craft will be done at all 4 sessions, so you only need to sign your child up for one session. Christmas Craft Club runs from 3:00-4:00.

We are asking that a donation of $1.00 be made towards the craft project.  Please attach the payment directly to your child’s permission form.

A confirmation note will be sent home with your child’s session date.

Happy Christmas Crafting!

Copy of Permission Form


How To Check if Buses Are Cancelled

A reminder from St. James that if your child is a walker or a drop off in the morning, we would appreciate a phone call verifying that they are staying home for the day when buses are cancelled.

STEO would like to advise students, parents and guardians that there are several methods that can be used to check for school vehicle cancellations:

  1. Access STEO’s website at and click on the link “Delays and Cancellations”. Cancellations will be posted by 6:15 a.m.
  2. Subscribe to STEO’s Parent Portal for updates on delays and cancellations, specific to your child’s transportation. Sign up at under Parent Login.
  3. Follow STEO on Facebook for updates on delays and cancellations and messaging.
  4. Follow on Twitter for updates on delays and cancellations.
  5. Follow @steocancels on Twitter for cancellation notifications
  6. Call 1-866-629-0629 to access a pre-recorded message

Letter from Director Gartland in regards to Inclement Weather Policy – CDSBEO

STEO inclement weather bus cancellation memo – CDSBEO

Methods of Communicating Bus Cancellations STEO inclement weather bus cancellation memo – CDSBEO

New Catholic Website

Together in Faith is a new website created by the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association and promoted by the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario.  Its aim is to celebrate the distinctive nature of Catholic Education in Ontario.

Our Catholic education system is designed to offer an inclusive learning environment, fostering spirituality to produce top academic and community-minded graduates.

Our educational mission is the transmission of knowledge and the formation of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Visit and click on the Together in Faith link to sign up to support Catholic Education in Ontario.

Kindergarten Field Trip to Foley Mountain

Our Kinder classes will be off on an Forest Bureau of Investigation educational program at the Foley Mountain Conservation Area in Westport.  This entire trip is FREE thanks to an Outdoor Education Grant that applied for this Fall.

There are two different trips planned. Please click on your child’s class to retrieve a copy of the permission form if necessary.

Mrs. Cyr (Mrs. McParland) & Mr. Smith (Mrs. Sprague’s) Classes – Wednesday, November 15

Mrs. Seward & Ms. Garvin (Mrs. Jordan) Classes – Thursday, November 16

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